How To Win Friends, And Influence People

Catherine aka "Bird":

Article I wrote for 20 Lines A Day — It’s relevant.

Originally posted on 20 Lines A Day:

Over the past few years, I’ve found that a large number of the people I know have found Mr./Mrs. Right through MySpace and Facebook. After some cyber dating, one of them will uproot themselves, and in some cases, their families, and move hundreds of miles to move in with their Facebook friend.

Shockingly, the relationships go sour really fast. Feelings get hurt, things are said, and the whole house of cards spirals to the ground.

And just as alarming to me is their desire to ask ME what I thought had gone wrong.

I have worked a really long time to tone down my Blunt Gene, but I am still only human. I hate it when they set themselves up so perfectly….

Finally, I figured out an answer that I think says it all, while not sending people into pits of self-hatred, and still allows me to sit…

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