And Jesus Said, “Yes, Bird. But You’re Gonna Have To Work For It..”

In my last post, I was crying over my missing cat — Sebastian. Well, guess what?! I found him!! Thank you for all of your prayers and kind words…you literally have no idea what a difference this makes to my little world right now…

I’ve been sick, and I’m still running a fever with the body aches, plus with all this extra emotional drama going

Sebastian wondering what the hell took me so long...

on, I was just lying around trying to deal, when I got a call from my brother Ernie, who is the one who gave me Sebastian in the first place. I was unaware that Ernie reads this blog, and I was dreading having to call him about the cat. But, he saw it and called and comforted me. He loves animals the same as I do, so we could understand each other. I bawled my head off and hung up. Sitting there, I prayed one more time, and then went to a window in the back of the house, opened it called for Sebastian….And in the faint distance, I heard a desperate meow…I called again…Again! An agitated, familiar meow…

I threw on my mismatched clothes, slipped on my slippers, grabbed my truck keys, and ran out the door…Just to make sure though, I asked my neighbors if I could go in back yard to look for my cat. With her permission, I went to the back of her yard to an 8′ gate and called again. Through the tiny sliver of daylight, I could see my now hysterical cat. There was no coaxing him over the fence, nor was there a tree for him to make it up and over. Finally, I ran back to my husband’s truck….and it wouldn’t start. Seriously?

I ran into the house, grabbed my cell phone, and walked…yes, walked, down my street, over to the next one, and all the way to the house with the high fence…Not only was no one home there, but the reason Sebastian couldn’t get out was there were dogs in all the yards around him, plus a dog in the yard he was in. He was hiding in some dense brush — Poor baby…

I got the neighbor next door, with the pit bull, and he graciously jumped the fence, and returned Sebastian to his momma’s lovin’ arms. Then we walked all the way back home, to find that I had locked myself out of my house. Long story short, my landlord let me back inside. I am so relieved! … And winded, hacking up a lung, and sweaty from my fever breaking…And you know what? Totally Worth It… :-)

– Bird


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32 thoughts on “And Jesus Said, “Yes, Bird. But You’re Gonna Have To Work For It..”

    • Pathetically, I do. I chastised him all the way home, and now I’m showing him my sad post this morning…He is unimpressed, and a little miffed it took me so long to find him…I’m not worried. He’ll forgive me. :=)


  1. I had a experience like that! So happy you found your Sebastion! I am the same way with my cats! Now they are stuck indoors because I moved from the country to town. They mean everything to me! Get better! :)


    • Thanks, 1stjoeyanna. I know that I can be a little extreme about these two cats, especially since I’ve pretty much been more of a dog person all my life, but you love what you love.
      Yes, my two have to stay inside too. I live too close to some really busy roads, a popular bar, Walmart, etc…you know, the where the dangerous people are..:-) Thanks for the kind compliment..I do appreciate it!


  2. Oh Bird! I pray you are doing better; if its the same thing I had recently,it’s a whopper of a virus!

    I’m glad you found your kitty. She sure is beautiful. Ours is a rescue cat with abandonment issues, (figures she ended up with our family…!,) and one time she was missing for over 48 hours, with over 100 degree temps. After MUCH praying, I was told by the Lord to go to the left of our property and walk around our neighborhood and to keep calling for her. Sure enough, her meows led us to her. She was stuck up an odd looking tree, and needed our help with a very tall ladder to help her down. Around the base of the tree, we seen fresh puma scratches, which may have explained how she got way out into the very ends of that big tree. At the time one of my kids was very sick, and she was very worried for her favorite pet. I was able to place the missing kitty in her arms as she woke up. Talk about a tearful reunion!


    • I am actually tearing up reading this…I love this little animals like they were my own flesh and blood children. I feel like the Lord told me to go look one more time..I’m so glad!!! I’ll bet your daughter was ecstatic! Thank you for sharing!!


  3. I am so sorry to hear about this Bird. I’ve had times when my tomboy would get out and sneak away for three days at a time. Honestly, it got to a point where I am not letting him out anymore. I saw my landlord’s cat get runover and killed and ever since he has been locked up inside. I know he is dying to get out and is going a bit stircrazy but I don’t want to risk the dangers lurking beyond the front door. :( When I buy a house I am planning on building an enclosure in order to provide a bit of the outdoors to all my kitties. Until then, I am fighting every day to make sure my boy stays inside. I am so glad you found your baby. God definitly led you to him, otherwise who knows if he would have ever gotten out. Much love and blessings!


    • Thank you! I know God did that because I had already scoured this neighborhood thoroughly! I’m so glad I decided to do it again!! I’m with you…I don’t want them outside while living in a high traffic, high population area. Of course, the country has it’s own set of risks, and I wouldn’t let them out there either.. :-) I appreciate your kind words and bless you too!


    • LOL…I know this is a spam comment, but I’m posting it anyways so I can laugh my butt off that it is so truly ridiculous attached to my post about finding my cat!!! He spent so much time looking for information or for my cat…seriously, that is some funny stuff.. :)


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