The Adams Family? Amateurs!!

Today, I woke up really, really happy. I have the weirdest family, and yet we function so well together, there is no way I would change a single thing about it.

Chef has this routine with me where he wakes up somewhere in the vicinity of 5am and has me fix him a cup of coffee so he can get some stuff done before he goes to work. I always get up, prepare his coffee just the way he likes it, bring it to him in bed, and gently let him know it is sitting on his night stand. 4 hours later, when I wake up again, the full cup of coffee, cold and sporting a thin skin of nastiness, is sitting right there where I left it!

I touched base with my dad yesterday, since I had missed his last phone call, and turns out, he’s been in jail for the last couple of days. Unpaid traffic tickets. He wanted to let me know he had to sell the my son’s car so he could get them paid… :-) Dj, the coolest grandson in the world, didn’t care and just said that he was glad he could help him out, and he’d just get a different car. Dad was all worked up because the big, fat guy that he shared a holding cell with slept a day and a half straight, snoring so loud, Dad couldn’t get any rest. When the guy finally woke up, he told my dad that it was his wife of 8 year’s birthday, and he was upset about missing it.

Dad: Don’t be. Best gift you could have given her..I’ll bet she hasn’t slept in 8 years.

Rebekkah, in her quest to get over the guy she thinks she is in love with, has turned off her cell phone and is in a quest to find a carrier that does not offer text messaging…his preferred form of communication with her. I am supposed to be finding that kind of carrier, and until then, she won’t carry a cell phone.

Caitlyn, who is in the Air Force stationed in Japan, and who I use Facebook to communicate with weekly left this message on her FB page almost a week ago:



“After what I just saw, I don’t think I will be able to comfortably sleep for a long, long time.”

There doesn’t seem to have been any other activity since then, and I’m dying of curiosity, which will turn to panic in about 2 more days if I don’t hear from her.

DJ finally got a really great job. It is a welding job, which is his favorite kind, and it pays well. Only problem is that it is located all the way across town, and his grandfather sold his car.

I wouldn’t trade this family for all the money and riches in the world!!

– Bird


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26 thoughts on “The Adams Family? Amateurs!!

  1. Sounds awesome to me. I too have a strange family. It is good to have family. I hope you hear from your daughter soon. I did not realize she was in Japan. I would not want to live there with all of the radiation and all. She might have seen a UFO. It is not uncommon. Especially in areas where high radiation are at, demons seem to be attracted to radiation hot spots for some reason.


    • Gross!! Her is her newest contribution on her facebook page:

      When in a public bathroom, if someone else walks in, i feel like they are invading my private time.

      She’s a goof ball. This is the one I had to teach to fight. Now the government gives her real grown up weapons to play with.. :-)


  2. Family are awesome..and as weird and whacky as mine are..I wouldn’t trade em for anything..and we happily extend our craziness when people come over..
    There’s always something happening! :P
    Your family sound lovely! I’m all for the light-hearted family unit these days..ours occurs when there is a role reversal in my house and the parents start acting like the kids and we have to tell them off..*parents!*
    tee he he


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