Another Blog Award — The Reader Appreciation Award

Is it my birthday? Because I feel like it seeing that I just got another award today! I want to thank Jacqueline at Healing for the Nation for giving me this lovely award. My two awards today really were rays of sunshine in a gloomy day for me, and I want ya’ll to know I really do appreciate you guys thinking of me. 🙂

So, without further ado, there are rules to this award. I am supposed to tell you what I’ve been up to lately.

Today, I’ve been working on my laptop almost all day. After many, many hours, I had to call time of death on it. It was a really depressing moment, as I think I may have lost years worth of pictures. 😦  But, thankfully, my daughter Rebekkah has lent me her laptop until I can someday afford to get another one. So, at least I’m not without resources at the moment… Thanks, Bekkie!

Also, I have to nominate 6 other blogs for the award. But you know I only nominate one, so drum roll please…..

I nominate:

1. Finding Hope and Peace in this Upside Down World


— Bird



Author: Catherine aka "Bird"

Marketing Specialist Recruiter Freelance Writer Blogger

16 thoughts on “Another Blog Award — The Reader Appreciation Award”

          1. Isn’t it kind of funny that both our handles are birds. Yours is Bird and mine is kylling – which means chicken. So I guess that makes us both chicks, and in turn BOTH the coolest chicks in the world.


  1. You so deserve this award Cathie…every post is so full of meaning for everyday living, I can see why you were given yet another award. You are appreciated…


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