Google+ Hurt My Feelings

You may have to click on this picture to see what I am referring to. Google+ just hurt my feelings. amy and google plus


Dear Google+,

Why do your phrase notifications in such a way, a person feels immediately insulted and not-worthy? You couldn’t find a better, less personal way of telling me Amy hasn’t posted anything exciting to read on her account yet? Seriously. I feel like I’m being singled out and rejected by Amy’s site with those last two words….with you… being added.

Don’t be such a rude douche! Don’t you want people to like you?!



Now, for more important business.

Dear Readers,

I’ve mentioned my sister-in-law Amy before on this blog way back before Chef lost his mind. I got to visit with her when my friend and fellow blogger, Victoria flew me to Colorado in December 2012 to give me a rest from my heart-breaking life for a week. Victoria writes at Victoria Visits, In a completely random turn of events, Vic lived very near to where Michael, my brother, and his family did.

I have not spent a ton of time with Amy. As I’ve mentioned before, the five of us born to Mom have not maintained close relationships with each other for various reasons. I have, however, been her Facebook Friend for years, and I have laughed myself silly at some of the stuff she comes up with. Lately, we have been getting to know each other a little better, and I’ve decided to petition the courts so I can keep her in the family irregardless of her relationship with my brother.

Unfortunately, Amy has found herself at the beginning of that horrible journey through divorce I found myself taking a year ago. She and my brother have called it quits, although their story is different from mine. I hope you all will show her the same support and kindness you showed me in those terrible days.

She set up a blog today of her own, and since she is a born writer as well, I have a feeling it will be a tool for her in the same way it was for me, with the added bonus of being interesting to read. The website is at and I believe it is tentatively called I’m Just Sayin’. I was unsuccessful at convincing her to name it Amy Beershack, in a salute to the late, great singer, Amy Winehouse or Amy Does Denver, a shout-out that frankly, you should be ashamed of yourself for knowing about!

I know this is a rare second post for today, but while it is useful and productive to contemplate the deep meanings of life carved by tragedy and pain on your heart, it’s also a holiday, and I don’t want to enjoy the rest of my day on such a heavy note.

Happy Fourth of July, My Fellow Blogging Friends!

~ Bird


Author: Catherine aka "Bird"

Marketing Specialist Recruiter Freelance Writer Blogger

3 thoughts on “Google+ Hurt My Feelings”

  1. Quite right Bird. Google are rude and thoughtless. It would have made a world of difference if they’d just added the word ‘yet’. It gives you some hope then.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


  2. Hi bird – just went to check out amy’s blog but its labeled as private. T he term used was I haven’t been invited- I see what u mean by feels dissed the way they word it. It does kinda hurt ones feelings.


    1. lol… She’s working on setting up the theme and stuff, so it might be like that for a while. LOL!! Right?! Google is so offensive the way they word things!!!


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