The Key to Real Happiness – Balance


12244661_10153323303914053_5199381892832956090_oI believe the happiest a person will ever be is when there is a balance across all aspects of their life. To me, the best moments aren’t the crazy exciting ones. They are the sounds of gentle rain beating on a rooftop over a warm, cozy home. They are hot coffee while watching a childhood favorite movie that just happened to come on television. They are in the satisfaction you feel while watching your dogs play happily with one another, completely oblivious to the sadness that saturates the world all around us. Happiness is holidays where you see faces again, of those you’ve loved most in the world but who live so very far away, and enjoy the ones who remain constant in your life every day.

And this week, the biggest moment of happiness came in the form of the internet installation guy. Yep, folks. I’m back on the grid!! But balance requires an equal opposite action, and that was the maintenance guys at my apartment accidentally punching some large holes in my living room wall:


And my laptop refusing to connect to the internet. That poor thing is just so old, but it has so much of my struggles documented on it, I have had a hard time giving it up. Clearly, though, this year, I’m going to have to retire it. It all but cursed at me when I was trying to motivate it into cooperation.

These minor things would normally have sent me over the edge, but life has just been going so well for me these days, they barely made much of a hiccough.

I thank the Lord for balance. I thank Him for the rest He’s given me lately. I thank Him for everything. I’m just happy right now.

~ Bird

big sister
My brother, Michael, wrote this about me. It was super sweet and made me miss him.

Author: Catherine aka "Bird"

Marketing Specialist Recruiter Freelance Writer Blogger

4 thoughts on “The Key to Real Happiness – Balance”

  1. Finding balance has always been difficult for me..for so long I kept jumping through hoops for people..trying to be “perfect” Then someone told me “you’re ok”.
    I giggled when I read “These minor things would normally have sent me over the edge, but life has just been going so well for me these days, they barely made much of a hiccough.”
    I’m glad you found your happy place

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